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Welcome to the Kenster web site.
This is a personal web site and it completely
free with no advertisements.  I'm learning ASP and have written most of the scripts used here.

Hey we need all of you to start adding to the Interactive Story Book
I've written the program from scratch and if it's confusing or something is broken with adding to the story, let me know in the chat box below.

You need to log in before using most of this site.
It's FREE, easy and
is only used to keep the web scaners out of here.
Don't worry, you don't need to give any info.
To the Left under 'User Info' to log in or sign up.

New Video of:
Jensen Boys Break Dancing

Kenster feedback Box
(If red you can click on the link below)
(When you see you should fly the Flag.)
Friday the 1st:
Sport Day (Celebrates all types of sports today)
Birth Anniversary of Francis Scott Key (author of the U.S. National Anthem-1779)
Sister's Day
Saturday: the 2nd
U.S. Official signing of anniversary of the Declaration of Independence (1776)
Sunday the 3rd:
National Night Out (help stop neighborhood crime)
Monday the 4th:
Coast Guard Day Founded (1790)

Ken's Quote of the day'example'
As it is our nature to be more moved by hope than fear, the example of one we see abundantly rewarded cheers and encourages us far more than the slights of many who have not been well treated disquiets us
Francesco Guicciardini 

I just added some great features to the Postcard page. Now you can select different backgrounds along with different background effects, along with over 1300 cards ready. And with this service being free along with no advertisements why wouldn’t you send a post card to some one?
Click here

Click to read Calvin and Hobbes
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